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Garage Door Repair
Santa Ana

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4.9 out of 5 stars

265 reviewers

Local garage door repair

Local & Family Owned

We're a family based

company, Located at

Santa Ana, CA.

24 hour garage door repair

Same-Day Service

We're working around the clock to get your garage door repaired at the same day

Licensed garage door company

Licensed & Insured

We're CA licensed with the CSLB and liability insured

with AAA up to 2M.

Watch how we replace broken spring in Santa Ana, CA

Why are OC Garage Door Guys in

Santa Ana?

When you have an issue with your G/D, we're here to help:

  • We're offering reliable & honest service.

  • We always provide a warranty for our services.

  • We always hire technicians & installers with over 10 years of experience.

  • We stock all materials in our trucks so that any job can be done immediately.


We believe in honest & reliable service; our goal is to make you happy so you can refer your neighbors, friends, and family to us.

garage door repair Santa Ana
Santa Ana Garage Door repair
local garage door repair

Local Garage Door Repair Company

We provide 24/7 local garage door and installation services in Santa Ana, CA. We have over 15 years of experience repairing and installing garage doors and electric gates. We carry all parts in stock, and 99% of the job can be done during the first site visit.

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The Services We Provide:

  • Emergency Service

  • Garage Door Installation

  • Off-Track Repairs

  • Spring Replacement

  • Automatic Opener Repairs & Installations

  • Tune-Up & Maintenance

  • Panel Reinforcement

  • Broken Cable Replacement

  • Rollers Replacement

  • Electrical Driveway Gate

  • Replace Logic Board

  • Remote Programming

  • Weather Stripping

Garage Door Repair Santa Ana

We are the top Santa Ana garage door repair. Our highly experienced workmen may provide you with what you need, thanks to a decade of expertise in the industry. We value our clients’ satisfaction, so We're skilled, licensed, insured, and bonded, ensuring their safety. The satisfaction of the customers is the Anaheim expert’s goal. We also offer dependable garage door repair in Santa Ana that fits your specific demands, budget, and site conditions. In Santa Ana, many residents assist with unexpected overhead domestic and industrial garage door failures. We can come to your home as soon as possible, often when repairs are required, and fix everything!

We're also offering garage door repair in Laguna Niguel

Our unexpected efforts in Santa Ana>> to shut down and

protecting doorways in homes and company buildings.

Our facility has a basic preparedness to react rapidly, even to

unexpected events.” From reaction periods to hardware,

component, and equipment stocking, we are ready and

ready for unexpected collapses, breakdowns, and other

calamities through the

protocols outlined in this facility.


We're serving throughout Santa Ana, CA

92701, 92703, 92704, 92705, 92707.


Brand We Service;

LiftMaster, Genie, Marantec, Overhead, Sears, Wayne Dalton 

garage door repair Santa Ana

Emergency Garage Door Repair Santa Ana

One more thing is that your GD may face issues at any time. We are available 24/7, anytime you need us. Our skilled servicemen can provide services to the customer as soon as possible, up to an hour. We can get your car out of the trap without harming it.


We offer quality services to those who suffer from rollers off-track problems. When your GD has come, If the door comes out of its tracks, you may be at risk of it falling and potentially causing injuries. Extremely deadly to others in your family. We analyze the root cause of the high quality of the work and help.

Broken Cable Replacement: Over time, the cables wear out or can rust. Result on your GD functioning. We can change this particular -cable- if it falls or is broken into one of the pages (it depends), and our professional staff will do the best job at all! required, however we are at our optimal best when that is the choice We will always talk you through the options you make an informed choice.

Garage door trouble can arise at the most inconvenient times. Therefore, you need a 24-hour garage door service to resolve the issue. Garage door repair Santa Ana Company will provide remarkable solutions to your problem.


We are available to take your call 24/7, and we will arrive with the appropriate tools for an emergency repair that requires a professional.

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garage door repair Santa Ana

Broken Springs Replacement in Laguna Niguel

garage door broken spring repair

Broken galvanized torsion springs

broken spring repair

Broken temperature oil torsion springs 

The garage door springs are critical parts needed to operate the door. They function as a mechanism for both the opening and closing of the door.

These parts ensure that the door is adequately lifted up and down by counterbalancing its weight.


There are two main categories of garage door springs: torsion springs and extension springs. The torsion springs are fixed on a stationary metallic shaft positioned above and parallel to the garage door frame.

The springs use torque to balance the door as it unwinds and winds while opening and closing. Almost anything can determine the effectiveness of the torsion Springs including its length, wire size, and inside diameter.


Garage Door Professionals use torsion springs for residential purposes as they are more efficient and resilient, hence ideal for lifting heavy garage doors. The Extension springs are mounted on both sides of the garage door. They stretch when the garage door is closed and conduct pulling power when it is opened. They have safety cables that prevent them from having dangerous projectiles in case of a break.

Learn more about garage door spring replacement cost

Garage Door Installation & Automatic Opener

Liftmaster Automatic opener
automatic opener installation irvine

Installing a new garage door and automatic door opener could make your houseroom more attractive, safer, and comfortable. With so many options available, from current to new ones, the right garage door and opener can transform the way you work every day.

New Garage Door Installation

A new garage door will make your home look new—there’s more than one way to describe it. It will increase the appeal of your property at the curb and may benefit your property value. Garage door suppliers offer a variety of materials, styles, and finishes, from wood to steel, aluminum, or glass. You can have one that matches the other parts of your house and also get some insulation. If your garage is attached to the home or used as a workshop, getting an insulated garage door is essential.

Automatic Openers

With the automatic garage door opener, your garage door will have more options and be more secure. If it has Wi-Fi capability, you can use an app that works with your smartphone anywhere. And even check on your door if you’re out of sight or out of mind. It is open when it’s not supposed to be. It may also have a backup battery so that if there is no power, it will operate a chain or belt quiet drives, which are great for a home with living space upstairs above the garage and the latest security feature that all but prevents break-ins, rolling code technology.

Professional Installation

Professional installation of the garage door and opener will result in a properly configured system that provides the highest performance and safety. The certified technicians can handle the complex, accurate process. Everything from the springs and tracks to the opener and the safety sensors are put in and adjusted precisely to the manufacturer's specifications so that the unit is dependable and long-lasting while not voiding any warranties. If you are considering revolutionizing your home, a new garage door and automatic opener provide many options, and you can arrange everything just how you want for your taste and lifestyle. Professional installation means you have an efficient and safe new device with ease of installation and all the other benefits.

garage door installation

Broken Springs Replacement in Santa Ana

Emergency Service When You Need It Most.

garage door broken spring repair

Broken galvanized torsion springs

broken spring repair

Broken temperature oil torsion springs 

Garage door springs are an essential part of the door, functioning as both mechanisms for opening and closing. As these parts perform their duties, they will eventually wear out.



They counterbalance the door's weight so that a configuration that weight supports, either way, doesn't result in a result. If vertical force is applied correctly, it will not tilt laterally for whatever reason.



There are two main types of garage door springs: torsion and extension. The fixed torsion Springs are mounted on a stationary metallic shaft paralleling above the garage door frame.

The extension springs use torque to retract and extend the door as they rotate. Almost anything, such as their length, wire diameter, and inside diameter, can affect the effectiveness of the torsion springs.

Learn more about garage door spring replacement cost

Issues with your G/D can happen at any time. If you need immediate assistance at any time of the day, we're here to help 24/7. Our highly trained servicemen can deliver prompt client services within an hour if needed. Rest assured, we can get your car out of the trap without damaging it.


We provide exceptional service for those who experience

rollers off-track problems. When your G/D has come

out of its tracks, it can be at risk of collapsing or falling, which can be

highly dangerous to anyone in your household. We analyze the root cause

of the problem and provide exemplary services.

Broken Cable Replacement: The cables can wear out or rust over time,

affecting the operation of your g/d. We can replace your broken cable as

needed, but we will deliver the best service if we know that is the right option. We will always discuss your options to help

you make an informed choice.

Problems with your garage door can happen at the most inconvenient times. Therefore, you need a 24-hour garage door service to resolve the issue. Garage door specialists in Laguna Niguel will provide remarkable solutions to your problem.
Call us any time of the day or night, and we will be equipped with the right tools to perform an expert emergency repair service.

garage door repair Laguna Niguel

Electric Gate Repair & Installation

OC Guys can perform all types of driveway gates, including automatic driveway gates, sliding and swing gates, overhead gates, and more. Drive gates, garage doors, chairs, and large mechanical devices always go wrong inconveniently. A minor earthquake happens in California daily; thus, gate problems can crop up every morning. When your significant gate malfunctions, you may well get trapped on one side or other of the entranceway; however, this should be no problem if it's not too cold outside and there are enough hours left before dark comes just then. What's worse for the user is if your driveway gate won't cooperate in time of emergency.

Another problem is that the automatic driveway gate may open or close unexpectedly, or one side of the gate may not work as it should because of a power cut. A reliable motor is essential to secure your property well. Today's top brands almost all use the same model as their electric motor: Elite, now called LiftMaster. We work on all of the brands available today on the market:

  • LiftMaster

  • Linear

  • FAAC

  • Doorking

  • Apollo

  • Osco

  • DC Solutions

  • HySecurity

  • Viking

Replacing an old or installing a new gate is a job for experts. Our skilled technicians will change or program the gate for you most efficiently and safely. We can help you make the right choice for your needs and tastes. We make and supply all our products.

Our repair services include:

  • Limit switch replacement & adjustments

  • Battery replacement

  • Sensor replacement/installation

  • Rewire Electrical wires

  • The gate fails to close or open

  • Gate misalignment or sagging

  • Noisy operation

  • Roller & Guide Replacement

  • Improper installation

  • Hardware issues

  • Loss of power supply

  • Track Installation

Learn More about automatic gate repair

sliding gate repair
gate repair irvine

Client Feedback

Ray W.

Service: Installation of a new automatic LiftMaster

Great Service! I called on a Saturday morning to report Garage door problems. They showed up in 60 minutes and fixed it in less than 30 minutes. The service was Prompt, Friendly, Reasonable, and Professional. My wife and I are happy that the problem was fixed so fast. We have the rest of the weekend without worrying about the garage door. I am so glad that I supported a local small business/entrepreneur. :-) Good luck to you, John! Keep up the excellent work.

Steve D.

Service: Broken Cable & Off-Track Repair

John was accommodating, lovely, and understanding. This was the second time I needed him to help with my garage door. He showed up and fixed the problem very quickly and fixed a significant headache for me overall!

Tal M.

Service: Tune-up

Miguel M.

Service: Emergency Garage Door Repair in Santa Ana, CA

Garage Door Repair In Santa Ana

I am writing this review because I am so happy that my garage door has been working smoothly since my visit from Santa Ana Garage Doors. Last night, my tension spring broke, making a massive sound before my door dropped and trapped my car in the garage.

John was the technician who came out. He opened my door and replaced my springs right there and then—no running off for parts. He came prepared. The job was done quickly and timely. The price was reasonable, and I wanted to write this review because this company deserves the five stars they truly earned on the Yelp page I found them on.

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