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New CA Law: You Must Have Backup Batteries For Your Garage Door Opener

If you have a home in California, you should know that any newly installed garage door automatic opener must have a backup battery system.

Although the law was passed as a response to the many wildfires in California, it should help in case of any emergency. It would help to familiarize yourself with the following about the law:

1. The basis for the law: this law was passed on the basis of the many Californians that died in the past wildfires. More people died because electricity went off and the electric garage doors could not open. To that end, the law was passed to require residence to have backup batteries that could be used to open the garage doors whether manually, or automatically as seen in some garages.

2. Law implementation: the law was implemented just the other year; that is, in 2019. However, every person that would buy a garage door after that year should ensure they comply with that standard. Therefore, if you are considering to install a new one, or change your garage door system, it does you right to install the recommended new battery pack.

3. Who passed the law: the California State Legislature passed this law. Therefore, one will always be safe to think the legislature considered the bigger picture by doing this and to that end residents should have the battery packs including manufacturers and installers.

4. The impact of the law: homeowners must install battery power systems with every installed garage door. While this may involve an added cost upfront, the benefits are worth every penny. It isn’t only about keeping on the right side of the law but also seeing the home safe from a potential calamity when stuck in the middle of emergent situations. You just need a garage door whose battery opens manually and automatically for quick exit. Therefore, it is up to the installer together with the manufacturer to out the right battery power system in every Californian garage.


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