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Commercial Roll up Door Repair & Installation - Automatic Industrial Doors & Roll-up Gates

Commercial roll-up Doors; Overhead doors, Sectional doors,  Gates (Sliding Gates and Swing Gates) - We do all kinds of repairs, installation, and replacement for Commercial roll-up doors and gates. 

We carry in stock all commercial motors and gate operators. We offer high-quality roll-up doors.


We do the fresh installation for roll-up doors, Our top seller is LiftMaster

Raynor, Overhead Door



  • Commercial Roll-up Doors

  • Roll-up Door Repair/Installation

  • Overhead Gate Repair/Installation

  • Commercial Swing and Sliding Gate Operator Installation

  • Rolling Steel Doors

  • Rolling Sheet Doors


Gate Operators, we carry in stock;


Overhead Gate Operators:


  • Manaras OTH-A.00 Heavy-Duty Commercial Trolley Apartment Operator

  • Liftmaster DJ Door Lock Jackshaft Operator - Logic 5

  • ZAP 8825-HP Series 3 High Power Sectional Jackshaft Garage Door Opener

  • CSW200-UL8 - Max Length 20' / 600 lbs - 75 Cycles Per. hr, 1/2HP - Max Pull 125 lbs - 120VAC 4amp


Jackshaft Operators


  • ZAP 8825-HP Series 3 High Power Sectional Jackshaft Garage Door Opener

  • Liftmaster DJ Door Lock Jackshaft Operator - Logic 5

  • Liftmaster MGJ 5011U Garage Door Opener Medium-Duty Gear-Reduced Jackshaft Operator

  • Liftmaster GH501L5 Heavy Industrial-Duty Gear-Reduced Hoist Operator

  • Liftmaster 3950 Jackshaft Door Operator for Commercial Rolling Sheet



All of our technicians are experts and fully trained! We do repairs on residential and commercial gates. We work 7 days a week, 24 hours, We're licensed and insured! Having a problem with your electric gate? call us today and get your gate fixed!


Call us today and get 85$ OFF for any commercial roll-up door or operator installation.


Important TIP - Gate Operators use high voltage, Be Careful!



The gate won't open or close? We fix;

Auto Gate, Slide Gate, Automatic Gate


We do fresh/existing installation for gate and roll-up doors operator for;

Single Swing, Dual Swing, Single Slide, Dual Slide, Overhead Door, Roll-up Door.

As a business owner whether you are interested in a door that provides protection, isolation, or even a glass garage door to let the light – we can provide and install it. The installation of a commercial roll up door usually can take up to a day and a half of work depending on the size and conditions.



What do different types of commercial garage doors offer?

Working in Orange County means working in various types of weather conditions that affect our job daily.
Therefore having a garage door that can help you control the climate, is easy to open and close, not noisy could improve your daily experience when you are at work.
For example, your door could be made of glass and aluminum granting you sunlight and a beautiful design to add to the place's decor.
On the other hand, having a Thermacore door could give you absolute isolation from the outside, preserve heat and protect your business at the same time.
The variety of doors is quite large – consulting us might give you a second opinion on how everything works – call us now at 9492033802, working 24/7 holidays & weekends


Got stuck at your workplace? The door won't move??

As business owners, we know how hard it is if your door won't open when your day starts, or when your day is all done, you can't wait to go home
We offer a 24/7 hotline for emergencies if anything happens, and you are stuck we will first try to help you by phone and try to understand what happened.
If repairing your garage door by yourself won't work we promise a 1 hour arrival to your business, and a quick repair if possible! Don't hesitate to call!

roll-up operator installation
Glass commercial door

Glass aluminum door for big stores, fire department and restaurants


Industrial grill door for big parking garage - usually for malls and apartments building.


Industrial door for storage garages, shops, factories

Commercial roll up doors

Automatic Doors

Roll Up commercial door

For shops and factories

Commercial Roll-up doors

Commercial roll-up Doors - storage facilities, storefronts, and airplane hangars are all frequently secured with metal roll-up doors. Every budget can be accommodated by the variety of manufacturers and models. When used and maintained properly, metal roll-up doors frequently present very few problems. These metal doors won't interfere with other interior building structures and can be rolled up to save space.

Coiling doors are frequently repairable, saving you money on expensive replacement. Our Service Centers keep a variety of parts and slats in stock for quick repairs that will quickly get your company back up and running and secure. Even difficult-to-find parts for older door models can be located or made by us.

For dependable, secure, and stress-free installation of commercial roll-up doors, give us a call right away. These quick industrial roll-up doors reduce costs while streamlining and improving logistics and traffic flow throughout the workspace.
These roll-up doors are available in all sizes and are made from the most sturdy metals to guarantee the complete safety of your property. They can be used to secure warehouses, hangars, and storefronts.

Roll-up Door Repair

Rolling steel doors, overhead doors, sectional doors, security gates and grilles, fire doors, truck dock levelers, truck latches and restraints, and rolling grilles are just a few of the commercial doors and dock equipment we provide repair and installation services for.​

Experts in commercial roll-up door repair are just a phone call away! No matter the type or age of the door, our skilled and knowledgeable repair specialists will guarantee a smooth and dependable operation. We only suggest the best and most affordable services and solutions to you because we are skilled in correctly installing and repairing exterior and interior doors. Call us if you need assistance installing entry doors. An estimate is free!

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