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Best Guide to Fix Your Garage Door Windows - Garage Door Repair Newport Beach

Repair Any Problem With Your Garage Door

Every part of your garage door is important, especially its window, so you need to have the right garage door company to work with you like the Garage Door Repair Newport Beach.

When you equipped your garage door with windows, you need to be sure that it is always at its best. However, at some point, your garage window can be broken, reducing the beauty and the quality of your garage door. The good thing is that garage doors issues can be easily fixed, and if you are good at home repairs, you can always do this on your own. Just follow the following guidelines to ensure success.

Garage door repair newport beach
Garage Door Window Repair

* The Tools Needed

Before you begin, there are some simple things that you need to be equipped with to carry out such repairs. These simple materials and tools include the following:

  •   Working gloves

  •   Putty knife

  •   Masking tape

  •   Wood chisel

  •   All-weather caulking

  •   Plywood or some other thin wood strips

  •   Power drill

  •   Screwdriver

  •   1/8-inch drill bit

* Repair the Window in the Frame

There are some garage windows that consist of Plexiglas that is encased in a frame. When fixing this type of window, there are some steps that you need to follow.

  1. Take out all the screw from the frame’s outer side, and then remove the window

  2. Put the replacement window as well as the frame on the plywood or wood strips on the ground

  3. A template will be provided with your new window. Put that template on your new window’s frame

  4. Attach it to the window using the masking tape

  5. With the use of 1/8’ bit and drill, drill some holes through the window frame

  6. Fit your new window in the opening. The wide side should face outward whole the edges facing inward

  7. Fasten the window frame to the door using screws

Window Inserts Replacement

If you have a window that is made of glass or those Plexiglas inserts, there are some steps that you need to follow to replace such type of window:

  1. While wearing the gloves, cut the caulking at the window opening’s edges using a utility knife

  2. Remove the glass or Plexiglas from the opening of the window

  3. Scrape off all caulking that remains at the opening of the window by using a wood chisel

  4. Run a bead of fresh caulking along all the edges of the opening of the window

  5. Push the new glass panel or Plexiglas into the opening

  6. Bend those tabs back against the front of the window panel

Repairing your garage door window can be an easy task to do. However, if you do not have any knowledge about it, you need to seek professional assistance. The best company in Orange County, Newport Beach Garage Doors is now here to help you throughout the process. No matter what type of window you have in your garage, their dependable technicians are always here to help.


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